Aircraft Rental, Toronto, ON Posted by Genesis Flight College July 7th, 2017


We take great pride each and every aircraft rental in our fleet and offer some of the newest and most advanced options in the Toronto, ON area.

air craft rentalAt Genesis Flight College, we maintain an aircraft rental program for our customers who are enrolled in one of our flight training programs, as well as for those who have already graduated from one of these programs. If you are a licenced pilot who is interested in renting one of our aircraft for leisure purposes, but you are not already enrolled in a program, you must complete our five-hour pilot proficiency program.

We take great pride each and every aircraft rental in our fleet and offer some of the newest and most advanced options in the GTA. In fact, many of our customers commute from Toronto, Ontario just to take advantage of the options in our fleet. When they travel to our Collingwood location, they are able to enjoy the many amenities this area has to offer, and many of our customers remark that this makes the trip worth it.

All of the rentals in our premium Diamond fleet are equipped with glass panels. As a new pilot, flying an aircraft with a glass cockpit offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Having critical information always at your fingertips
  • Greater situational awareness of the internal and external environment
  • Simplified operation through automation management

By renting one of our planes for an affordable rate, you are still able to benefit from flying without having to manage the hassle and cost of owning your own plane. Please reach out to us at Genesis Flight College today if you would like more information about our premier aircraft rental program.



Aircraft Rental in Collingwood, ON

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